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Hello Ladies!

Unlike most of the topsites we've used in the past, this is a paid premium toplist script which has ZERO cheating tolerance features built into it - so your hits will actually count and you wont be burried beneath cheaters! :)

Adding Your Banner - 1st you join and then after you are approved (usually pretty fast) you login and add your banner in the "add a banner" section. Its fast and easy! BUT dont worry, your website link will still show up in the top list as soon as you're approved... Just watch for the email so you can have a banner with your link after approval!

More cool reasons to join:

Because this is a paid script with support, you wont have to worry about this being another toplist you spend time joining only for it to be a dead and broken link on your site in a few months!

This is a safe, secure and dependable toplist which will bring you traffic! Enjoy and thank you for joining!